As a non-profit organization, the Krewe depends on fund raising efforts by Krewe members and support from the community to produce its annual Mardi Gras Ball. At the ball we hold a collection with all proceeds going directly to the chosen charities of the year. Your underwriting helps us provide these charitable contributions to worthy causes in the GLBT community.


We have an ongoing underwriting program with benefits to those who participate. Special ball seating, Krewe mementos, and complementary admission to our events are among the benefits provided to our much appreciated supporters. For more information regarding our Underwriting program benefits and patron levels please click here. For more information regarding Underwriting, contact our Director of Fundraising, Bruce Reeves via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Thank you for your support.

Crown - $10,000
A Nonny Mousse
Scepter - $4,000
 Rich's Night Club Houston
Tony McClelland & J. P. Gill
Montrose Star Community Newspaper
Feather - $2,000
Jim & Becky Brewer
Grace Harvey
Ty & Michael Burns-Calderon
Rhinestone - $1,000
A Nony Mous
Bill & Ben Jones-Walters
Cindy Cuellar - ACC Productions
David Dexel
David Manuel & David K. Johnson
Dick Bolyard & Steve Ford
Jack Griffin & Dennis Peterson
Kirk & Jerry Wyllie
Michael & Kay Fortner
Mike Lemanski
Richard Watson & Robert Harwood
Rob Schmerler & Bill Bulcher
Sequin - $500
Ken Council
Jeff Krahn-Savant & Bryan Krahn-Savant
Jim Ayres
Ken Pierson & Craig Peeler
Larry Wood & Rand Key
Michael Alexander & Miles Frey
Randall Jobe
Steve Evans
Glitter - $325
Randy Stanger & Elias Foty
Barry Larson & Keith Woods
Bob Rinn
Bruce Reeves & Mario Moreno
Charles Dingas, Jr. & Cindy Dingas
Craig Estes & Gary Hawthorne
David Kostak & Fred White
David Sanders & Troy Vuillemot
Denise Martin & Anita Goff
Donald Lehde & Barry Stilwell
Guy Cowden & Chuck Lang
Liz Morrison
Marvin Kelley & Mike Hawkins
Mike Bodin & Randall Hendrick
Rex Marzke & Steve Roberts
Susan Graham
Tom M. Jones
Yuri Raul Mencos & Steven A. Carbone
Glitz - $275
Dalton DeHart
Donna Junker
Larry D Spriggs
Nancie Bailly
Nelda Shoup
Ron Rodricks
Melissa Flories
Sara Sjolander