One of the things we are asked about all the time is "Where do you find all this fun stuff?".

Besides all of the below - don't forget - and check there for comparison pricing before ordering.



Under feathers, most of our good sources no longer exist - but these are out there:
  • Ali Express and then search for ostrich feathers or just feathers if you want something other than plumes.
  • Joann's Fabrics
  • Paper Mart especially good for small ones - turkey marabou tend to be 2-4" and fluffy and are available in a large array of colors
Some of these are available in stores, some not - sometimes it is good to use CHEAP SMALL FEATHERS as an underlay and then supplement withe larger plumes.


A new discovery was made - thin form with glitter embedded on the surface which looks like glitter without all the god awful mess. If you search for "glitter foam" on amazon, you should find it. At this writing, try this link


Keep in mind too that shipping on beads can cost as much as the beads themselves .... so if you are going to be in the vicinity or know of people that will be, you can save money.

Shoes / Boots

REMEMBER MEN that most women's shoe sizes are +2 whatever you wear in men's.


  • your local fabric stores
    • Joann's Fabric - 290 Meyerland Plaza, 9960 Old Katy
    • Interior Fabric - 3104 Fondren
    • High Fashion - 3101 Louisiana
    • Fabric Decor - 2815 Fondren
    • Buttons 'n' Bows - 14070 Memorial
    • Universal Fabric - 2530 Times
  • and others online (most will sell you swatches so you can see what you're getting before you make a mistake you'll regret)


  • Magnets on the Cheap sheet magnets for cars or whatever else you might want them for
  • Celastic World an old school building material
  • Dick Blick for the wire to use for wire work. Use PLASTIC COATED SOLID ALUMINUM WIRE (Sometimes you can find this at True Value.) Comes in 50' coils - sometimes if you buy multiple coils, you can get one continuous piece of wire (i.e. 100' of wire in 2 50' coils that are connected). ASK.
  • Discount Dance all sorts of things theatrical
  • We Love Colors colored tights in *ALL* sizes
  • Madhatter Magic Shop Flash Cotton / Flash Paper
  • Hot Glue Gloves Hot Glue Gloves